amino  1.0-beta2
Lightweight Robot Utility Library
plot.h File Reference

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struct  aa_plot_opts
 options for a plot More...


typedef struct aa_plot_opts aa_plot_opts_t
 options for a plot


AA_API void aa_plot_row_series (size_t m, size_t n, double *t, size_t inct, double *Y, size_t ldY, const struct aa_plot_opts *opts)
 Plots Y over t. More...

Function Documentation

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AA_API void aa_plot_row_series ( size_t  m,
size_t  n,
double *  t,
size_t  inct,
double *  Y,
size_t  ldY,
const struct aa_plot_opts opts 

Plots Y over t.

mrows in Y
ncolumns in Y, length of t
t\( t \in \Re^n \) vector of times for x-axis
inctincrement of t
Y\( Y \in \Re^m\times\Re^n \) Matrix of y-axis values. Each column is a data point, rows are the indepedent series.
optsplot options