amino  1.0-beta2
Lightweight Robot Utility Library
amino Directory Reference

Amino include files.



directory  opt
 Optimization SUpport.
directory  rx
 Scene Graph support.


file  cv.h [code]
file  debug.h [code]
file  endconv.h [code]
 Routines to convert numbers to different endian formats.
file  heap.h [code]
 Simple Heap / Heapsort.
file  la.h [code]
 Linear algebra routines.
file  math.h [code]
 Numerical routines.
file  mem.h [code]
 Memory Management.
file  mem.hpp [code]
 C++ Memory Management.
file  plot.h [code]
file  rx.h [code]
 Include all scene graph headers.
file  tf.h [code]
 Low-level operations for SE(3) orientations and transformations.
file  tf.hpp [code]
 Object types for SE(3) representations.
file  time.h [code]
file  validate.h [code]
 Validation of data.

Detailed Description

Amino include files.