amino  1.0-beta2
Lightweight Robot Utility Library
scene_geom.h File Reference

Geometric objects (shapes and meshes) More...

#include "rxtype.h"

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struct  aa_rx_shape_box
 Shape for a box. More...
struct  aa_rx_shape_sphere
 Shape for a sphere. More...
struct  aa_rx_shape_cylinder
 Shape for a cylinder. More...
struct  aa_rx_shape_cone
 Shape for a cone. More...
struct  aa_rx_shape_grid
 Shape for a grid. More...
struct  aa_rx_shape_torus
 Shape for a torus. More...


enum  aa_rx_geom_shape {
 Enumeration of geometry shape types. More...


AA_API struct aa_rx_geom_optaa_rx_geom_opt_create ()
 Create a geometry option struct.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_destroy (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *)
 Destroy a geometry option struct.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_no_shadow (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, int no_shadow)
 Set no-shadow option.
AA_API int aa_rx_geom_opt_get_no_shadow (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get no-shadow option.
AA_API int aa_rx_geom_opt_get_visual (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get visual option.
AA_API int aa_rx_geom_opt_get_collision (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get collision option.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_color_red (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get red color value.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_color_blue (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get blue color value.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_color_green (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get green color value.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_alpha (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get alpha value.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_specular_red (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get red specular value.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_specular_blue (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get blue specular value.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_specular_green (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get green specular value.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_color3 (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double red, double blue, double green)
 Set color option.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_alpha (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double alpha)
 Set alpha (transparency) option.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_visual (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, int visual)
 Set visual flag. More...
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_collision (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, int collision)
 Set collision flag. More...
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_specular3 (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double red, double green, double blue)
 Set specular reflection.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_scale (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double scale)
 Set mesh scaling.
AA_API double aa_rx_geom_opt_get_scale (const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Get mesh scaling.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_copy (struct aa_rx_geom *src)
 Copy a geometry struct.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_modify_opt (struct aa_rx_geom *src, struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Copy and modify options of a geometry struct.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_destroy (struct aa_rx_geom *geom)
 Destroy a geometry struct.
AA_API const char * aa_rx_geom_shape_str (enum aa_rx_geom_shape shape)
 Return a string for the shape type.
AA_API void * aa_rx_geom_shape (const struct aa_rx_geom *g, enum aa_rx_geom_shape *shape_type)
 Extract the shape type from a geometry object. More...
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_box (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, const double dimension[3])
 Create a box.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_sphere (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double radius)
 Create a sphere.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_cylinder (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double height, double radius)
 Create a cylinder.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_cone (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double height, double start_radius, double end_radius)
 Create a cone.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_grid (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, const double dimension[2], const double delta[2], double width)
 Create a grid.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_torus (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, double angle, double major_radius, double minor_radius)
 Create a torus.
AA_API const struct aa_rx_geom_optaa_rx_geom_get_opt (const struct aa_rx_geom *geom)
 Return the options for the geometry object.
AA_API struct aa_rx_cl_geom * aa_rx_geom_get_collision (const struct aa_rx_geom *geom)
 Return the collision object for the geometry object.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_set_collision (struct aa_rx_geom *geom, struct aa_rx_cl_geom *)
 Set the collision object for the geometry object.
AA_API struct aa_rx_mesh * aa_rx_mesh_create ()
 Create a mesh.
AA_API void aa_rx_mesh_destroy (struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh)
 Destroy the mesh.
AA_API void aa_rx_mesh_set_vertices (struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, size_t n, const float *vectors, int copy)
 Set the mesh vertices.
AA_API const float * aa_rx_mesh_get_vertices (const struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, size_t *size)
 Get the mesh vertices.
AA_API const unsigned * aa_rx_mesh_get_indices (const struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, size_t *size)
 Get the mesh indices.
AA_API void aa_rx_mesh_set_normals (struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, size_t n, const float *normals, int copy)
 Set the mesh normals.
AA_API void aa_rx_mesh_set_indices (struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, size_t n, const unsigned *indices, int copy)
 Set the mesh indices.
AA_API void aa_rx_mesh_set_rgba (struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, size_t width, size_t height, const uint8_t *rgba, int copy)
 Set the mesh colors and alpha.
AA_API void aa_rx_mesh_set_uv (struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, size_t n, const float *uv, int copy)
 Set the mesh colors and uv values.
AA_API void aa_rx_mesh_set_texture (struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh, const struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt)
 Set the mesh texture parameters.
AA_API struct aa_rx_geomaa_rx_geom_mesh (struct aa_rx_geom_opt *opt, struct aa_rx_mesh *mesh)
 Attach a mesh to frame.
AA_API void aa_rx_geom_attach (struct aa_rx_sg *sg, const char *frame, struct aa_rx_geom *geom)
 Attach geometry to the scene graph.
AA_API unsigned aa_rx_geom_refcount (const struct aa_rx_geom *g)
 Return the reference count value of ‘g’.
AA_API unsigned aa_rx_mesh_refcount (const struct aa_rx_mesh *sg)
 Return the reference count value of ‘m’.

Detailed Description

Geometric objects (shapes and meshes)

Definition in file scene_geom.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ aa_rx_geom_shape

Enumeration of geometry shape types.


Invalid shape.


A triangular mesh shape.


A box (cube) shape.


A sphere (ball) shape.


A cylinder shape.


A cone shape.


A grid-lines shape.


A torus shape.


A octree shape.

Definition at line 219 of file scene_geom.h.

Function Documentation

◆ aa_rx_geom_opt_set_collision()

AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_collision ( struct aa_rx_geom_opt opt,
int  collision 

Set collision flag.

Does this geometry represent a collision object?

◆ aa_rx_geom_opt_set_visual()

AA_API void aa_rx_geom_opt_set_visual ( struct aa_rx_geom_opt opt,
int  visual 

Set visual flag.

Does this geometry represent a visual object?

◆ aa_rx_geom_shape()

AA_API void* aa_rx_geom_shape ( const struct aa_rx_geom g,
enum aa_rx_geom_shape shape_type 

Extract the shape type from a geometry object.

[in]gthe geometry object
[out]shape_typethe shape of the geometry
poiner to the shape